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Substance Abuse

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Addictions/Dependencies Support Groups

Mutual support groups whose members are individuals who are involved in substance abuse or have other dependencies or compulsive behaviors. The groups meet in-person, by telephone or via the Internet; provide emotional support, information and resources to help those who participate modify their behavior; and may include faith-based and secular 12-step groups as well as non-12 step groups.

Comprehensive Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment

Supervised, structured programs that offer a wide range of outpatient services which may be coordinated by a case manager.


Programs that provide assistance and support for individuals who are physically dependent on substances of any kind during the withdrawal period. Detoxification is a medical regimen aimed at managing acute intoxication and withdrawal by systematically reducing the amount of the addictive substance in a patient’s body, providing reasonable control of active withdrawal symptoms and/or averting a life-threatening medical crisis related to the substance.

Inpatient Substance Abuse Treatment Facility

Health care facilities that provide structured treatment programs and support services in the context of a 24-hour, supervised environment for individuals who have problems related to substance abuse.

Substance Abuse Counseling

Programs that provide individual, group or family therapy for individuals who abuse substances of any kind and/or for their families to help them better understand the nature of their physical and/or psychological dependency or impairment and to support their efforts to recover.

Substance Abuse Education/Prevention

Programs that provide information about substance abuse (including the substances most commonly abused and their effects, the symptoms of abuse/addiction, screening and diagnostic procedures and methods of treatment) and/or which offer any of a variety of services that focus on substance abuse prevention for people of all ages who are at risk.

Substance Abuse Intervention Programs

Programs that work with the families and friends and others who are concerned with the alcohol or other drug addiction of someone they love with the objective of helping those individuals create a crisis in the life of the chemically dependent person as the first step in helping them to recognize their disease and accept treatment.

Substance Abuse Screening

Programs that offer simple tests for people who are concerned about their use of alcohol and/or drugs.

Transitional Residential Substance Abuse Services

Programs that provide alcohol and other drug-free congregate living arrangements which facilitate the return to the community of individuals who are recovering from problems related to substance abuse, who may be leaving an inpatient or residential treatment program and who need ongoing support to sustain an abstinent lifestyle.