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Shelter and Housing

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Cold Weather Shelters

Programs that provide daytime, evening and/or overnight stays during times of extreme cold.

Housing Authorities

City, county, or state housing offices that provide information about eligibility for and vacancies in the subsidized housing properties under their jurisdiction.

Low Cost Housing

Housing programs that make rental housing more readily available to homeless people and/or low-income individuals and families (those below 50% of the area's median income). Some complexes or housing units may be reserved for low-income older adults, people with disabilities and/or other special populations.

Rent Payment Assistance

Programs that make rental payments for people who are at risk of eviction. Rent payment assistance programs may have age, income, disability, need or other eligibility requirements.


Programs that provide a temporary or transitional place to stay for newcomers, people who are in crisis, or homeless individuals in the community.

Subsidized Home Purchase

Programs that make housing more readily available to middle or low-income individuals and families.

Transitional Housing

Programs that provide extended shelter and supportive services for homeless individuals and/or families with the goal of helping them live independently and transition into permanent housing.