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Environmental Impact Report Review/Certification

Taxonomy Code: TE-4510.4550-190

Programs that conduct a review of Environmental Impact Reports (EIR) that are required when it appears likely that a development project will have a significant impact on the environment that may be difficult to mitigate or reduce. An EIR discusses the proposed project, its environmental setting, its probable impacts (e.g., on traffic, schools, fire protection, endangered species, archeological artifacts and community beauty), realistic means of reducing or eliminating those impacts, its cumulative effects, and alternatives to the project. If the initial study shows that the project will not cause a "significant" impact on the environment or when it has been revised to eliminate all such impacts, a "negative declaration" is prepared. When the decision making body approves a project, it must certify the adequacy of the environmental review. If a decision to approve a project may result in unavoidable significant impacts, the decision making body must not only certify the EIR, but also state, in writing, its overriding reasons for granting the approval and how the impacts are to be addressed. Draft EIRs are generally made available for review by the public and other agencies prior to consideration of the project.

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